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In the last few thousand years, humanity has been on a building rampage. Knocking nearly everything over in our path in order to build our next big thing. Even if that means destroying our cultures and people to proceed with our greedy and prideful ways. The past that we have is so rich, not with money, but with true nobility.  Matched with the love and expressions on their faces, these ancient cultures should not go down without first being seen by the world. Jimmy Nelson has made it his goal to take the last possible photos of our past selves before they are gone.

The HULI Tribe

Famous for painting their faces red white and yellow to intimidate their peers and woo the women, can you imagine walking into your local club looking like this to win all the ladies. I personally would and go barefoot too, why not? All the Hulies are doing it.

The ASARO Tribe

Rumor has it that these mud men needed to flee from their enemies territory, so they went by the Asaro River to hide. As they left early in the mist of the morning, their enemies saw them and thought they where spirits. With these mud helmets and a name like Asaro, I feel these are the spacemen of their time. Come on, Asaro… Astro, too similar.

The KALAM Tribe

Calamine are Papua New Guinea's best agricultural tribe. With carefully planned gardens and irrigation ditches in the valleys that they reside, food probably is hardly and issue here. These people are so awesome that when Nelson took the photo, there just so happens to be a Double Rainbow behind them!


Threatened by oil companies and illegal logging, these people risk extinction to keep their culture alive. Because of these half ignorant practices we have in the modern world, the Huaorani's forests that they hunt and forage in are slowly being taken away from them. Their understanding of the animals around helps them survive, but imagine if you heard trees falling, if you were an animal, would you stay?

The HIMBA Tribe

This Himbas are filled with tall and slender people with amazing hair. Each member is a part of two tribes, one from the mothers and one from the fathers. When the children grow older, they use an arranged marriage to spread the wealth between the two.

Out in the blizzards of Russia, these tribes are known to be the most generous and loving. They make it a goal to provide hospitality to anyone, good, bad, old, young, tall, fat, skinny.. anyone. That’s a beautiful ritual that many should bring into their own homes. This tribe will take anyone in and give them what they can provide, even if that means a home for an orphan.


Even though this tribe has a few modern luxuries, a few of them still believe the world is flat. In some dimension they may be right but it makes a lot of sense as to why this tribe isn’t as big as others are. Their lifestyle is more advanced than other tribes, but they still have a natural connection to each other and the Earth.


For the last tribe we'll list here, I want to talk about this one a little more than the others. If you wish to look at all of the tribes Jimmy Nelson visited, go to to look at his full portfolio.

This tribe is a huge mixture of cultures all in one. From the Netherlands to Buddhist in the middle of India, the Ladakhi's are probably the most diverse tribe on his list. The picture above looks so Star Wars like, that my eyes widened at the site of it.

Riddled with modern luxuries, the Ladakhi tribe is more like an epic city without technology. Their hats and dresses look as if it comes straight from the Netherlands, yet in the photo below the monks are wearing traditional buddhist clothing, blowing horns with a middle eastern feel to it. Being a extremely mixed human myself, seeing extremely diverse cultures is always a bonus.

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