If You're Seeing Faces In Random Objects, Don't Worry, You're Not Crazy

By Admin,On 26 Jan,2015
Have you ever looked at an inanimate object and seen a face? And not only a face, but a face with an expression? While you might jump to conclusions - am I crazy? Am I seeing things? Why are faces following me everywhere?!

Take a deep breath. There's a name for this phenomenon and many people experience it. It's called pareidolia. Basically, there's something about an object that makes your mind impose a meaning where there isn't one. For some reason, our minds are always looking for patterns, and often find them even if there really isn't anything there.

Do you see the below faces in random objects? Don't worry, you're not crazy.

Angry/Scary Faces

My, what menacing bread, you are.

There's nothing quite like a grimacing onion.

Kayaks can be pretty scary.

I've never seen such an angry light fixture.

These boxes are plotting your demise.

Happy Faces

These Ethernet outlets are overjoyed!

He looks so friendly!

This is one ecstatic submarine.

Mixed Emotions

This purse is tired of your shenanigans.

Wow, what a shocked faucet.

You're such a, church.

Awww, poor tree

This washing machine isn't feeling too hot.

What an alarmed alarm clock.

This container isn't happy that you took your sunglasses out of it.

Aww, this little sleepy engine is ready to call it a night.

"A hand, please?!"

What a peeping toilet paper dispenser.

That's one stern sink.

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