5 Mind Blowing Things Science Still Can't Explain

By Admin,On 26 Jan,2015

You may have heard of it before, The Placebo Effect is a phenomenon where patients are given a fake sugar pill and are told it will help them in some way or form. This study has been done many different times for various situations from colds to cancers. Doctors take two groups of people to study, one are given real pills for an ailment, while the others are given sugar pills.

Both groups are told that the pills will help with their ailments. In some patients who take the sugar pills, studies have shown that it works at fighting their sickness just as well if not better than the actual pills.


In some deserts across the world there are stones that seem to move along the surface. They leave trails behind, sometimes taking right angle turns. One might first write them off as the wind pushing them, but the speeds at which the wind has to blow to move these rocks are highly unlikely of happening. The linear pattern also suggest that it slides across the floor rather than being pushed around by any wind. It is still unknown to why these stones would be able to slide across the desert in such a fashion.

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