10 Facts About Relationships Today. #4 It Takes THAT Long?

By Admin,On 19 Dec,2014
The dating scene these days can be a nightmare, so why make it harder by not knowing your stuff? We've gathered some facts that will help you be more prepared for the big bad world of dating in 2014. 

1. If your friend says they have a great guy or gal for you, listen up. More than 60% of married couples met through a friend!

2. More than 50% of people claim that the smile is the most attractive feature of a partner.

3. While it might seem like the most obvious place to pick up a date, a surprisingly low 2% of men have reported finding love in a bar.

4. On average, men have around one hour to make their first impression on a woman.

5. On the flip side though, it only takes 15 minutes for a man to form his impression of a woman.

6. Nearly half (44%) of the American population is single.

7. There are somewhere around the tune of 40 million Americans using online dating services.

8. Washington, D.C. seems to have an especially flourishing single life--around 70% of adults are unmarried.

9. An incredible 88% of women consider money to be a big factor in their relationships...yikes.

10. Money also happens to be the leading cause of arguments among couples.

credits : omgfacts


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