5 Mind Blowing Things Science Still Can't Explain

By Admin,On 26 Jan,2015

In rural China, in an area considered uninhabitable by humans, there are three triangular openings at the top of a mountain. The strange thing about these opening is that they are filled with an iron pipe system of unknown origins. some pipes go into a nearby salt water lake, while others go deep into the mountain. More can be found inside of the lake and along the shore lines. Some 40 cm in diameter and seeming to be placed in a purposeful pattern.

What's strange about them is that tests have seem to place the date of these rusted iron pipes to nomadic times, before we discovered farming let alone advance drilling and metal work. Oddly enough the pipes are clean of debris, indicating that it was possibly used for some purpose and not just stuffed in the mountain.

Locals speculate it to be an ancient astronomy lab, or a landing base for alien space ships, but who knows.


These puzzling little spheres were found by miners in South Africa in Pyrophyllite (type of crystallized rock) deposits. The origins of these metallic spheres are unknown and around 0.5 to 10 cm in diameter. Some have concentric grooves running along its equator and seem to have been made by intelligent design. The crazy part however, comes when the Pyrophyllite deposits they were found in were dated to be around 2.8 billion years old!

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